Life Changing Results

God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage is based on the highly successful program first developed in the late 1990’s by Christopher West when he served as director of the Marriage and Family Life Office in the Archdiocese of Denver. One of the first steps that West and his team took was to implement a survey that addressed “lifestyle” questions-both before and after couples went through the program. The results were extraordinary.

Having surveyed about two thousand couples over a five-year period, the creators of God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage found that:

91% of participants were sexually active coming into the program, while after the program:
48% said they will save sex until marriage.
31% stated they will “definitely use” natural family planning.
45% “may use NFP” in their marriage.
78% came away with a better understanding of the Catholic vision of marriage.
50% came away with more positive impression of the Catholic Church.
48% planned to be more active in their faith as a result of the program.
61% made a deeper commitment to Christ as result of the program.


“My fiance and I have grown and deepened our love and commitment to Christ more from this class than our whole relationship.”

– Steve S.

“If my fiance and I had learned these teachings of the Church on sexuality sooner, we would never have come sexually active.”

– Mark M.

“The pre-marriage classes have been exceptionally beneficial and have brought us closer together in love of each other, and in deeper union with the Catholic Church.”

– Rebecca W.

“As a Evangelical Christian, I was blown away…I am now considering taking RCIA.”

– Lisa R.

“This was the best presentation of Catholic reaching I have ever heard.”

– Melanie F.

“This program is the first that I have heard that offered candid and logically sound discussions about Catholic teaching on sex and marriage. I am truly appreciative.”

– Tom S.